Thursday, November 25, 2010

high into the air

Woke up with a sore neck. A pinched nerve. Had a pretty restless sleep. The Age reports that last night was the worst night of the year so far for hay fever sufferers in Melbourne. 200 ambulance call outs for hay fever sufferers! Hah! I've been suffering it for about a month and a half now, to varying degrees. It plus a cold instigated a sinus infection that's never quite gotten better. The second round of anti-biotics are keeping it at bay, but it's still there, lurking most of the day, attacking mostly at night, leaving me with an assortment of crusty and slimey boogers to expel in the humidity of a shower come morning.

I had a restless sleep and was reminded this morning of waking up in the night yelling about someone cutting my leg. I kind of remember, someone was hacking it off mid shin, diagonally, with a machete. I can't complain much about my dreams though, they're usually pretty decent. In the last year or so I've improved my ability to fly. It used to be something that would happen accidentally, and I'd fly around for a bit and drop back to earth and lose my powers. I'm a bit of a flying master now, can do it at will and don't often lose the ability. The main problem is actually getting too high into the air, not being able to fully control how high I'm going, up to atmospheric levels and getting dizzy.

My pinched nerve has gotten worse throughout the day and I'm sitting here with a hunched over posture (more so than usual, and unable to correct myself) and aching shoulders as well, like I'd been lifting heavy boxes up and down stairs all yesterday, except I hadn't. How did this happen in my sleep? I've experienced waking up with pinched nerves in my neck before, never aching shoulders and upper arms. My neck posture pillow is supposed to prevent this shit from happening.

I'm quite happy though, that I've found an iphone app that is able to broadcast the cricket by streaming it online. I envisage summer afternoons sitting in beer gardens, sunshine and happiness and good times with friends and me, sitting there with my iphone on the table, streaming the fucking cricket.

This arrived in the work mail. Thanks Brent! I don't know why it has decided to orientate itself vertically here. It's horizontal on my computer. I've had this problem before and eventually fixed it, I can't be arsed to do that this time. Heirs new album would undoubtedly be in my top 10 for the year, if I was egotistical enough to actually make a list. Go listen to them. I've seen to term "darkwave" thrown about to describe their sound and it's a fitting enough description. Love the artwork too. They're playing the East Brunswick Club on Saturday 11th Dec.