Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sack of Nintendos

After 17 hours sleep last afternoon/night I was feeling pretty good this morning, so I decided to take a stroll in the midday sun.  Walking down Smith Street, I had the intention of going to Woolworths to buy some ingredients to make mulled wine but ended up in Cash Converters then the Lost and Found Market.  Lost and Found is fantastic. They have a couple of levels of all sorts of shit; vintage clothing, books, furniture, toys, old hifi equipment, art, crockery, vinyl, ect etc.  Quality, hand picked junk. I always go into these sorts of stores, pawn shops and op shops secretly hoping to find a hidden treasure chest of retro video games at a bargain price. 

 (I stole this image from their website, I assure you this is not a paid promotion)

Back in the early 00s when I was living in Brisbane there was a Lifeline used furniture store just up the road that was an endless gold mine for that sort of stuff. In the space of a couple of years I acquired about a dozen NESs, SNESs, Mega Drives (+ a Mega CD) and Master Systems and countless games from that place.  Everything is currently stored at my folks' house in Bundaberg and I intended to retrieve it one day.

In the past couple of years my compulsion to hoard old video games has reared its sexy head once more.  Hell, I commonly dream about it. I recently had a dream where I found a back corner of David Jones that had about 20 limited edition transparent red Mega Drives (this did not actually exist) with Mega CD attachments all for $2 each.  Problem is that dreams are not real and in pawn shops old games are a bit too pricey to bother with.  I enjoy the hunt for a bargain.

So at Lost and Found I come across a glass cabinet and on the bottom shelf is a tumble weed of a tangle of cables with a few NESs and games amongst the the seething mass of leads. I ask a lady how much the stuff is, intending to maybe buying one NES if it is the right price.

"$90 for the lot", she says.  I look at the mess again and count no less than 4 Nintendo Entertainment Systems.

"I'll take it!"

"Oh man, I was going to go through that stuff", frowns a young male employee whom the lady asks to bag it up for me.

A fellow enthusiast.

"I'll give you $20 for one of the NESs", he says.

"Sure", I tell him, and he puts it all in a large white sack minus his newly acquired Nintendo. I sling it over my shoulder and go on my merry way, the Nintendo Sanata Claus of Smith Street.

When I get back to my flat I've sustained an injury to my right middle finger, having gashed it on the zip of my jacket when switching over sack carrying arms. That shit gets pretty heavy after walking for fifteen minutes but no time to stop to wipe it off. Got to get home and and see what's inside my sack of Nintendo.

I empty the sack and get to work. It takes about twenty minutes before I untangle everything. And damn, if it's not the best $70 I've ever spend on Nintendo wares.

2 x NES consoles with power supplies and RF modulators
1 x NES Top Loader console with power supply and RF modulator
2 x NES control pads
1 x NES Top Loader control pad
1 x NES Zapper

Super Mario Bros
Super Mario Bros 3
Metroid (score!)
Batman (bat-tastic!)
RBI Baseball
Super Sprint

Random Junk:
1 x Commodore 64 joystick
1 x generic Commodore 64 / Sega/ old PC joystick
1 x Quickshot multi platform auto-fire arcade stick
1 x hand held car racing LCD screen game
1 x Commadore 64 (I think) Supersportic game
1 x Sega RF modulator
1 x Playstation AV cable
2 x random AV / RF cables

The big victory here is undoubtedly the NES Top Loader. I think the only time I have even seen one of these in person was at the Game On exhibition at ACMI a couple of years back. It was a limited release NES that was out in the early 90s towards the end of the NESs lifespan. It is about half the size of the regular NES and has SNES shaped controllers. I would have paid $70 for this by itself! The original Metroid game is becoming hard to find as well, and this is the first time I've owned a copy.

I'm off to the pub to celebrate.


  1. so does it all work? and have you left the house since acquiring all this?

  2. The Top Loader works fine, the two others didn't work at all to start with. I've fixed one so that it works if you jiggle the cartridge around a bit, still working on the other. No time to sit down and play anything yet. I've already hoarded more games that I'll ever play in a lifetime, why stop now?