Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's been pretty quiet on this blog of late, and I'll attribute that towards two things; A general lack of motivation to write and a deep desire that everything I write to be at the very least "good". The general lack of motivation to write is a by product of having a general lack of motivation to do anything. Hell, lately I can't even be bothered lying on the couch watching TV. Last week I was in bed asleep by 9:30 on four of five weeknights because I was tired and didn't feel like doing anything else. Lame.

I got some blood tests back last Thursday that go some way to providing an answer for my tiredness and lack of motivation and that is having severely low Vitamin D levels. Literally the second lowest my doctor had ever seen. Knowing that there's a medically valid reason for my slothfulness and that I now have a way out of it (as much sunlight as I can absorb and 5 Vitamin D pills a day) has already given me more energy than I've had all winter, save belting out a few songs with Fell Over at The Fall tribute night early June.

As for anxiety about my writing being shit, fuck it. At least it's better than Eleven Magazine.


  1. back on the horse! excellent

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