Sunday, March 28, 2010


I just woke up and I'm still drunk. I can't remember leaving, I can't remember if I made an idiot of myself or not, I can't remember how I got home but I must have successfully rode my bike cause I checked and it's in the kitchen. I'm in bed and I'm just wearing a t-shirt which is unusual because usually I'm naked or wearing boxers or boxers and a T but never just the T by itself.

Once I sober up this hangover is going to be epic. I took a couple mersyndols in anticipation, like throwing a mattress under a plane about to crash. I'll have to go get more later, they were the last two. I'm thinking I might go to the city and check out JB hifi. I'm really trying to remember but the last thing I can see is being out of Canadian Club and kind hearted Dan bringing out some Jamesons. JB have a games sale on at the moment. I texted Magda and she said it was all fun and good times, but I think she left before I did. I have a strange urge to play that new Sega all stars racing game. I'll get another bottle of whiskey too. You can play as Alex Kidd riding his red bike. If you have my missing memories please leave them here.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

No, really

I just went to my rubbish bin to throw out some old milk that had been in the fridge for a while and as I was about to drop it in the bin the bin said:

"Discard old milk. Confirm or Cancel?"

and I said "What that fuck...uh, Confirm"

and then it said "Are you sure you wish to discard old milk? Confirm or Cancel?"

and suddenly I realised and said, "Fuck, hell no! What am I doing? No, Cancel! CANCEL!!!"

and the bin said "Cancel discarding of old milk, Confirm or Cancel?"

and I said "For the love of god Cancel!!!!"

and the bin said "Cancellation of discarding of old milk Confirmed"

and I collapsed in a sweaty heap next to the bin and said "Thank fuck for that"