Monday, January 11, 2010

Picking at Toenails

I spend so much time sitting around staring at walls and watching questionable television and not cooking myself dinner tonight because it's too fucking hot that I might as well do something (more) useful like process my muddled brain waves into text for the benefit of you but mainly me.

Fortunately I had half a chocolate cake in the fridge that my neighbours gave me about a week ago and it's fine, so I ate that instead. It was still fine and went down a real treat. So blog has received a sugar fuelled makeover and general re-activation. Last post was in May '09.

Sometimes I'll procrastinate by re-arranging my CDs in alphabetical order and making sure every disc is in every correct case, but I'm not going to do that tonight because I did it last week. Earlier I stood in front of the bathroom mirror examining my hairy chest for blackheads to squeeze out. Just now I left this text box for about ten minutes to refresh ABC News, The Age, Pitchfork Media and the Bureau of Meteorology websites in case something new had appeared that wasn't there when I last checked twenty minutes ago.

Life can be much more than this. Last night for instance, I ate a fish eye. A hardened white ball that gave the chomping sensation of biting into a small gum nut, with a big lump of yellowish translucent jelly dangling from the bottom. I chewed it up and let the pungent juices flow through my mouth and over my tongue and afterwards sucked at the hard bits that got stuck between my molars.

Waiter, bring me a bowl of fish eyes.


  1. I don't eat fish eyes, but I do get restless and obsessively refresh my browser for new news. Or just something. Mostly it goes unrewarded and I get mad at myself for spending the time so wastefully, when I could be outside looking at stars or inside staring at nothingness. Maybe I should try the fish eyes?

  2. It's a vicious cycle of never ending let downs, yet we never seem to learn. And even when you do get something you've just spoiled a surprise for later. Try the fish eyes, if for nothing other than the entertainment your facial expression will provide to those around you.