Friday, January 22, 2010

Behind the Scenes: Sarina Russo

Sarina Russo is a well known self-made Australian businesswoman and entrepreneur. She founded and is current Managing Director of the Sarina Russo Group. The SRG comprises of eight businesses (mostly concerned with job recruitment and private education), six of which contain her name in their title.

Employees of the Sarina Russo Group have access to exclusive Sarina Russo computer wallpapers, updated daily.

"Sarina feels Keri Craig outfits reflect her mood and personality - obviously bright and sparkling. Her lamé dress is $499." - Portfolio Magazine, December 1986.

To inspire the troops in 2010:

With the right attitude victory will be yours.

"From: Sarina Russo
Sent: Thursday, 24 December 2009 12:20 AM
To: All Staff
Subject: From sarina's desk - 2009 - my version

I am up in the clouds across the pacific ocean sitting in row 3 and
behind me sleeping in Row 4 - yes!!! The one and only Hugh Grant!
Normally, I would find it offensive for any passenger with extremely
protruding long legs and hence feet to be virtually in my head space -
but not this time!!! Funny ha how one can see life and be more accepting
of things that either amuse you, challenge you or just make u feel truly privileged!

So lying with sleep deprivation,but totally distracted I write to you
as my last " from sarina's desk" and reflect on our 30th year!!
reflection as a Leader, a daughter, an aunt, a neice, a friend?
Questions I ask myself? How did I influence and inspire others to do
do more and become more this year? Did I provoke positive thoughts and
actions? Did we get any wake up calls to never compromise and be too
content? Did we raise standards higher than last year? Did we stand
tall? Did we voice our thoughts and become accountable and responsible?
Was I transparent to my team? Did I show clarity and direction at times
of need! Did I show urgency ? Did I tap my full potential? Did I
demonstrate strength and resilience? Did I challenge the status quo? Did
I communicate strongly and frequently? Did I? Did I? Did we? Did we?

I dozed off with a sleeping tablet!

Rested! I wake up after 7 hours of sleep - - I turn around? Did I have
just a dream? - But - its reality - Hugh Grant is still behind me
having breakfast and watching every movie - perhaps there is a new movie
that has just been released that he is the main star and I am yet to
find out!!! As I am a news addict! And a big fan of Larry King!"

And on Sarina continues.

"How do relect this year? Our courage, my leadership this year?
Ultimately - u are the judge! U are my inspiration!"

"I keep staff I have never recruited? Yip! And we did it and now you are our rock stars -
integrated into our culture and soaring with eagles!"

"We salute you and sing - alielilu!!!! Merry xmas and a happy new year!
Luv ya! Ciao for now and I will see u at the top in 2010!!!!!
Happy new year! Yes I am still in the clouds! I braved myself to
introduce myself to Hughes and "opened my conversation to say that Alan
Rickman is a personal friend - I handed over my new business card. - he
accepted it with our uk head office address: he will see "Coventry"" -
girls u must answer every phone call - u could have hugh grant asking to
want to speak to me!!! Can u hear the phone ringing!!! Its for me!!!!
"Four weddings and no funerals"!"

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