Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dealing with the big issues

I enjoy statistics.

I stare into space and wonder things like "how many litres of alcohol have I consumed in the past five years?" and "how many people have stepped in this exact spot on the footpath?" and "how many microscopic skin devouring bugs are on me right at this moment?"

Sadly these questions will forever remain unanswered (let me know if you find out). Fortunately though, I can answer the question "How many songs did I listen to while sitting at my desk at work in the last twelve months or so?" and its 10,344.

Subtracting weekends and leave, this works out at roughly 45 songs per day. While initially disappointed by the result I have to take into account that a good portion of time is spent listening to talk back radio. Then there's lunch and smoke breaks and the data doesn't take into account streamed songs so all up it's not a bad average. I'm hoping to push it above 55 by the end of 2010 so then I'll have a better average than Ricky Ponting.

Here are the Top 18 (click to enlarge):


  1. That playlist is gold it is.
    Of course.

  2. you've got last fm? hit me up, my user name is palneka.