Friday, April 17, 2009

EP Review: Death Cab For Cutie

Death Cab For Cutie
The Open Door EP
Atlantic/Barsuk, 2009

Reviewing a Death Cab For Cutie release is a largely superfluous exercise. By now most of us know what to expect from the band; before listening to this EP I accurately foresaw that it would hold no surprises nor change any of my pre-formed opinions. Not for lack of wanting it to, I was right because they’re not an unpredictable band. Not so long ago I worked a retail job in a position that allowed complete control over the in-store music. It was a malevolent regime and I ruled with a spiked iron fist, though occasionally I'd allow my plebeian colleges the privilege of music selection. Panic at the Disco never lasted more than a couple of songs but I'd put up with an album's worth of Death Cab For Cutie for my underlings because they were cool guys and Death Cab were far more tolerable than the alternatives. The Open Door EP is even more tolerable than their albums because it only contains five songs. Four of these didn't make it on to the last album but come from the same recording sessions as Narrow Stairs, then there's an acoustic demo tacked onto the end. It's the same wishy washy emo-indie soundtrack to the teenage protagonist of an American television drama series having a bedroom crisis as the rest of their output, but it’s worth noting that Death Cab are better at this shtick than their peers. Make of that what you will.


  1. I'm now unsure whether to run through a store with bad music playing this on a ghetto blaster to save the floor staff.

    You may have just convinced me.

  2. Let me join you Mikey, you blast Death Cab from one end and I'll blast Gregorian Monk Chants from the other, then we can swap ends.